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EUsatcom@IBC2015 starts in

2015-09-12 13:30:00

Mini Conference, WebTV show and Networking Event

Visit this unique satellite broadcasting event !

Visit the EUsatcom@IBC2015 on IBC Saturday afternoon in the Rai in Amsterdam and participate in the an exciting event about Next Generation Video Networks.

An exciting new hybrid event format!

"With this event we combine a traditional mini conference with an online video show and an information market. We have a mini conference with renowned speakers, we will interview guests in our video studio and there are information booths from our members. During the event satellite broadcast professionals meet to share insights in the latest innovations and technological trends. All is presented in a marvellous show in co-operation with SatelliteMarkets and BroadbandTV news.” says Hub Urlings, event organiser.

Join us and participate

Satellite broadcast professionals and companies are invited to take advantage of EUsatcom@IBC2015 as an opportunity to reach out to satellite broadcasting community and eco-system. The event plus associated online channels like website (, Video Channel (, ecosystem organisation ( and newsletter reach ca. 10.000 high level European and global professionals since IBC2014, and is growing rapidly.

EUsatcom.TV WebTV series

We organised the event this year as the place to produce a WebTV series. All content like the presentations from speakers or interviews from experts is captured on video. We will turn that into a WebTV series and online documentary on Next Generation Video Networks reaching out to the European satellite broadcasting professionals community and to broadcast/broadband professionals worldwide.
NextGen Video Networks!
Visit the EUsatcom@IBC2015 show event on Saturday Sept 12th
from 13.00-17.00 h, in the Rai Elicium room D203 in Amsterdam!
Meet members of the European Professional Satellite Association and learn about the latest innovations.

Use the opportunity to extend your business network and present your innovations, new products and services.

The show is free for registered EUsatcom members. If you are not
a member yet, no sweat, register here and join EUsatcom, get
an invitation for the event and full updates on the program.

Join us at EUsatcom@IBC2015 on Saturday Sept 12th from 13.30-17.00 h, in room D203 of the Rai Elicium building in Amsterdam!

EUsatcom@IBC2015 Plaza

  • Network with European satcom and broadcast professionals
  • Check out innovations in the European satellite broadcasting industry
  • Discover new opportunities to grow your business
  • Invite your customers to discuss future solutions
  • Build out your business eco-system
  • Present your service or product
  • Participate in our innovative industry events

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In the program we will walk through the whole glass-2-glass satellite broadcasting production workflow and highlight innovations from European satellite and video companies. companies.

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Organisation & Contact

Hub Urlings, satcom and marketing professional

"I am satellite communications entrepreneur and owner of M2sat. My background is in organisation consultancy and I learned the satellite business as product manager for a number of major satellite service companies like Station 12/Xantic/Inmarsat and Eutelsat.

I am passionate about satellite communications and co-founded NLsatcom in the nineties. In 2014 I took the initiative for the European Professional Satellite Association based on the community of satellite professionals that came together at the EUsatcom events I organise since 2012."

For any info on the EUsatcom events contact me at :
Tel. +31 (0) 20-4945097
E-mail :
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